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    Caring for our own dental health is a daily routine in our lives, including daily brushing and flossing as well as yearly cleanings and exams. Remember that our pets require regular professional dental care just like people do! Without such care, pets are much more vulnerable to things such as heart disease, kidney disease, and periodontal disease. Our hospital offers a dental exam with every physical exam, and will make dental recommendations if abnormalities are detected.

    If our doctors find abnormalities with your pet’s teeth, we have the experience and equipment to handle your pet’s dental needs. Regular cleaning and polishing can remove unhealthy plaque that naturally builds up on your pet’s teeth. Over time, teeth may deteriorate and extractions may become necessary. Our doctors can take care of your pet’s dental needs and help extend the health and lifespan of your pet through regular dental exams and procedures.

    Dental health of your pet begins at home. Feeding foods that are good for your pet’s teeth is essential. Regular brushing of your pet’s teeth of a veterinary approved paste can also help prevent periodontal disease. Our hospital offers Oravet as an easy treat-style alternative to brushing. One chew per day is equivalent to brushing and pets love the taste! Our doctors and staff can teach you the best food and daily home techniques to improve your pet’s oral hygiene.

    Remember that most periodontal disease can be prevented through daily home care and professional exams and cleanings. Schedule your pet’s dental exam with our office today!

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